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Reliable Natural Flue Tankless Gas Propane Instant Water Heater

A gas fired tankless natural draft hot water heater has a draft hood and uses no fan or blower but relies on gravity to expel the exhaust gas out of the house.

It needs no electricity to operate. Even during power outage, user still can get endless hot water. Without moving part like fan or blower, it is more reliable. And it generally costs less than a forced draft water heaters.

Our natural draft models with 10L and 12L capacity are most popular among our customers. Models ranging from 6L-7L-8L-10-12L are available, too. All models can be customized as per customer’s logo.

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    ND6L 7L 8L 10L 12L
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    T/T, LC at sight
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    White, Gray
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    Zhongshan, Guangzhou
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- Wide range temperature adjustment.

- Low water pressure start-up.

- Tin-coated high efficient heat exchanger.

- Automatic electronic pulse ignition.

- Multiple safety protection, flame out, over pressure protection, over heat protection etc.

- Power and hot water temperature regulation uses easy to read LCD and mechanical knobs

- Battery power supply, No electricity required.

- Compact size and light weight



 Natural Flue Gas Tankless Water Heater


Model 10L 12L 
Rated Heat Load(kW) 20  24
Rated Hot Water Production 10L/min(△t=25K时) 12L/min(△t=25K时)
Adjustable Hot Water Temperature 30~85℃
Gas Consupmtion at Nomial Capacity LPG 0.16kg/h   NG 1.6M3/h LPG 0.2kg/h   NG 2.0 M3/h
Efficiency 84% 84%
Electric Supply DC 3V DC 3V
Min Working Pressure 0.02 bar 0.02 bar
Min Working Flow Rate(L/min) 3 3
Fuel Type LPG/Natural Gas(12T) LPG/Natural Gas(12T)
Rated Gas Pressure(Pa) 2800/2000 2800/2000
Nozzle Diameter LPG 0.63   NG 0.94 LPG 0.64    NG 0.98
Flue Gas Min Output 220℃ 220℃
Flue Gas Max Output 50℃ 50℃
Dimension(mm) 580×350×113 580×350×113
Package Size(mm) 720×395×195 720×395×195
GW/NW(kg) 9/10

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