• Condensing Combi Boilers 3C Approved
    Condensing Combi Boilers 3C Approved
    • October 08, 2021

    China Compulsory Certification, in abbreviation 3C or CCC,is a product conformity assessment system implemented by the Chinese government in accordance with laws and regulations, which meanto protect consumers' personal safety and national security, strengthen product quality management.Before Oct 1, 2019, gas combination boilers had been under compulsory administration of 3C regulations. Lately, two high efficient combination boiler designed and manufactured by our company have attained 3C approval, non premixed condensing boiler with efficiency up to 99% to 101%, the model number HWB-L15 and premixed condensing boiler with efficiency reaching 109%, HWB-LL08. That is to say, these condensing combination boiler, after thoroughly tested by the authority, are officially qualified to sell in China market. This is a big and happy news to us. We aim to provide more energy-efficient, cost-effective and environment-friendly products. We couldn't wait to share them with our esteemed customers! 

  • 2021 Asia Industrial Heating, HVAC, Water Heating, Drying& Heat Pumps Expo is coming
    2021 Asia Industrial Heating, HVAC, Water Heating, Drying& Heat Pumps Expo is coming
    • October 31, 2021

    2021 Asia Industrial Heating, HVAC, Water Heating, Drying& Heat Pumps Expo, another name for 17th Asia Heat Energy Technology& Home Comfort Systems Expo 2021 will be held from December 4 to 6 at Area A of China Import& Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou. This is a big event for heating, boiler, burners, water heating, wall mounted boilers manufacturers. In the expo, the most updated technology in the above-mentioned industries and new products will be introduced for the first time. As a water heaters and combination boiler manufacturers with base in Guangdong, our company sincerely invite distributors and agents to visit us during and after the Expo. Please contact our sales office in Guangzhou for arrangement in advance. Contact: Ms. Landore Yu Mobile: 0086.13902293567 Email: Whatsapp/wechat: 008613902293567

  • Low NOx Combi Boiler, New member to Our Combination boiler Family!
    Low NOx Combi Boiler, New member to Our Combination boiler Family!
    • December 11, 2021

    Dense haze, frequently occurred in North China is severe air pollutant affecting local people’s daily life. Local governments have taken measures to curb the situation, including the well-noted and widespread scope coal-to-gas project. Natural gas, as green energy, is encourage to take the place of coal. More than that, NOx emission is under stringent control, which is believed to be a significant factor contributing to dense haze. According to lately issued national standard GB25034-2010, NOx emission must not exceed 70mg/kw.h for gas combi boilers. The Low NOx combi boiler D1 series developed by our company, with innovative design, including low fire burner, variable speed fan plus corresponding control system, renders NOx emission far under the national standard, less than 30mg/kw.h. This makes our product very popular with local government and drives sales of our products in the area. As a conscientious manufacturer, we not only meet the requirements, but excel. Our goal is to be a trustworthy partner for our customer!

  • The 9th Wall Hung Combination Boiler Components Exhibition
    The 9th Wall Hung Combination Boiler Components Exhibition
    • March 01, 2022

    Time: March 2-March 4, 2022 Location: Shunde Midea Marriott Hotel Organizer: Heating Information Press Agenda: March 2:Exhibitors' Registration and Exhibition Preparation March 3 AM: OpeningCeremony March 3 PM:  China Wall Hung Combination Boiler Industry Supply Chain Conference March evening:  Wall Hung Combination Boiler Sector  2022 New Year Evening Party March 4 AM: Wall Hung Combination Boiler Developer Technical Conference March 4 PM:  SIT Wall Hung Boiler Condensing Technology Utilization Forum Guangdong is the the manufacturing base of China, and critical base of gas combination boiler manufacturers as well. For nine consecutive years,Wall Hung Combination Boiler Components Exhibition is held here. It is a extraordinary event for all combi boilers manufacturers, from which they can learn from each other and find out the most update news and technology about the industry. In the past nine years,combination boiler manufacturers and components suppliershas been "searching for each other". In the comingdecade, as the industry become more and more well-informed,the relationship will inevitablychange. As many participants of theExhibition said,wecome to theExhibition no longertoattract a few customers, but also hope that every year from theExhibition, we can listen to the voice of the industry and find out what the industry is trending, to find out orientation and development in the coming years! In particular, 2022 can be said to be the first year of the "post-coal-to-gas" era. From the "coal-to-gas" era to the "post-coal-to-gas" era, what changes will take place in the wall-hung boiler industry and market? How can companies respond to change? On these issues, the 9th Wall Hung Combination Boiler Components Exhibition will bring together relevant high-quality resources of the whole bank, including industry leaders, experts and scholars, to focus on discussion of which, analyzing trends, revealing laws, and striving to make every participants with different goals to have enlightenment,to have something worthwhile!

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