Home Wall-hung Combination Boiler High Efficiency Wall Hung Fully Premixed Gas Fired Condensing Combination Boiler for Space Heating and DHW SC-L28M3C

High Efficiency Wall Hung Fully Premixed Gas Fired Condensing Combination Boiler for Space Heating and DHW SC-L28M3C

S-L28M3C is a fully premixed condensing combi boiler with efficiency over 107.8% and very low carbon dioxide. It is equipped with Sertima Stainless Steel Coil Main Heat Exchanger and SIT Gas Valve and Blower.

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  • High efficiency upto 107.8% at 30% heat load. 
  • The primary heat exchanger, Sertima anti-corrosion stainless steel heat exchanger paired with ss burners renders superior burning efficiency and low emission. 
  • SIT gas proportional valve precisely controls gas in the burner to achieve consistent outlet temperature. 
  • The built-in variable-speed blower modulates speed per heat load to maintain good performance, cut down electricity bill and very quiet.
  • Quadruple net filter effectively maintain a clean and sound systems.
  • Mobile phone remote control capable. Control the unit any time even when you are away from home.
  • Comes with anti-electromagnetic interference devices to ensure stable operation.
  • 3 levels of frost protections included.  
  • Low water pressure start-up. 
  • Big LCD control panel, user-friendly. 


Model SC-L24M3C
Gas type NG
Rated input capacity 25.3Kw
Rated output capacity(60/80℃) 24Kw
Rated Maximum output capacity(30/50℃) 26.1Kw
Minimum input capacity 5.3Kw
Minimum output capacity(60/80℃) 4.8Kw
Rated minimum output capacity (30/50℃) 5.6Kw
Heat efficiency (full load 60/80℃) 95%
Heat efficiency (full load 30/50℃) 104%
Heat efficiency (30% load 30/50℃) 107%
Heating system working pressure 0.5~0.3MPa
Maximum heating temperature 90℃
Range of water temperature for radiator heating (±3℃) 40℃~85℃
Range of water temperature for floor heating (±3℃) 35℃~60℃
Rated electrical capacity 125W
Protection degree I
Water protection degree IPX4D
Expansion tank volume 8L
Expansion tank initial pressure 0.1MPa
Reference heating area 60~200m2
Power supply ~220V/50Hz
Reference Natural Gas Cosumption 0.36~2.52m3/h
Net weight 32Kg
Net dimension (L*W*H) 681*445*291mm
Packing dimension(L*W*H) 775*525*385mm
Domestic Hot Water
Heat efficiency 96%
Maximum working pressure 0.5Mpa
Minimum working pressure 0.03Mpa
Rated hot water capability with △t=25k 13.6L/min
Rated hot water capability with △t=30k 11.3L/min
Range of water temperature for hot water (±3℃) 35℃~60℃
Minimum hot water flow 2.5L/min
Water temperature stable flow >6 L/min
Limited flow 10L/min
Rated Gas Pressure
Natural Gas 2000Pa

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    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.

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