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Gas Fueled Tankless On-demand Water Heater 16ET266

One of the outstanding features of 16ET266 is to deliver as much as 16L hot water at constant temperature. A big 7-key touch screen is a plus to its sleek design when making the heater status clear at a glance. It also has multiple functions of bathtub water filling mode, kitchen comforter and adjustable capacity.

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-The black high-definition 7-key large touch screen, combines sleek design and simple operation.

-The flow sensor matched with Maglev gas proportional valve provides constant temperature and endless hot water.

-Under bath-tub mode, water filling can be set per tub capacity from 50L-500L. The temperature is set at 50℃ by onepress on the key and filling time extends to 60 mins. Once the accumulated flow reaches set volume, it sends out signal to turn-off theunit. No guarding isnecessary.

-Kitchen comfort mode. Once activated, the temperature will be set at 38℃, the comfort temperature for hot water used in kitchen.

-Multiple protections against drying burning, automatic shutdownin case of flame-out etc for safe operation.

-Real time self-diagnosisfurther ensure safety.

-Micro-computer maintains constant hot water temperature, range from 30℃-60℃.

-Human-machine interface clearly indicates working status.

-Sealed and intensified combustion technology for higher efficiency, more energy saving , and  eco-friendly. 


Control Keys

1- Power on/off.

2- Temp. increase. It is used to set hot water temperature. 1℃ up for each press.

3- Temp. decrease. 1℃ down for each press.

4- Capacity adjusting key. The capacity (hot water production) can be adjusted from 16L , 13L to 10L.

5- Kitchen HW function. One press on the key can set hot water delivered to kitchen at38℃.

6- Bathtub mode. It sets the hot water delivered for shower at45℃.

7- Timer.“00” indicates no timer is set.“30”means 30 minutes.



8-Water flow indicator. Shown on the screen when water flows in. Otherwise, invisible.

9-Fan status. It displays only when the fan is working, otherwise, no display.

10-Flame indicator. It will shown when the heater is running normally. Otherwise, not shown.

11-Temperature indicator. It displays the temperature, current hot water flow rate and failure code. 


Model 16ET266 (JSQ30-16)
Rated Heat Load(kW) 30 kW
Rated Hot Water Production 16L/min(△t=25K时)
Power Source 220V~/50Hz
Rated Power 38W
Ignition Electronic Pulse Ignition
Appliable Water Pressure 0.025~0.8Mpa
Fuel Type LPG Natural Gas(12T)
Rated Gas Pressure(Pa) 2800 2000
Efficiency ≥89%
Control Panel 4 Keys Touch Screen
Segmented Combustion 3/6
Capacity Adjustable 12L-10L-8L
Dimension(mm) 530×350×168
Package Size(mm) 725×525×225
Flue Diameter(mm)  φ60
GW/NW(kg) 15/12.5
Safety Measures Outlet Water NTC failure,Ignition Failure, Flameout,False Flame Fault, Anti-Dry Burning, Excess Wind Pressure Protection, Overheat Protection, Excess Water Pressure Protection

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IPv6 network supported


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Leave A Message

    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.

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