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  • What affects service life of a gas combi boiler?
    • September 14. 2021

    Generally speaking, the service life of a regular wall-hung boiler is 10-15 years, but due to the influence of the material, production process, core technology, parts etc, the service life of the inferior wall-hung boilers may be 5-8 years. A wall-hung boiler with excellent quality may still have stable performance after 15-20 years of use. Combination boiler lifespan is related to water quality ...

  • Introduction on Gas Combi Boilers Sold on Chinese Market
    • December 17. 2021
    Introduction on Gas Combi Boilers Sold on Chinese Market

    Wall-hung boilers are divided into standard efficiency and condensing wall-hung boilers in respect of thermal efficiency. Standard Efficiency Boiler The classification of standard efficiency wall-hung boilers is also very diverse. If there is no fan, it is called an atmospheric natural exhaust type wall-hung boiler. This type of wall-hung boiler does not have forced exhaust and air intake by the f...

  • FAQ About Gas Combination Boiler
    • February 09. 2022
    FAQ About Gas Combination Boiler

    1. Why does the temperature of domestic hot water produced by combination boiler sometimes go up and down? First,when flow rate of cold and hot water is unevenly distributed, the combination boiler would automatically adjust accordingly.This makes the DHW temperature go up and down or even results in flame out. Therefore, the user is supposed to set the temperature agreeable to them and refrain fr...

  • Gas Water Heater VS Gas Combination Boiler
    • February 18. 2022
    Gas Water Heater VS Gas Combination Boiler

    Both gas water heater and gas combination boiler can produce hot water.  What on earth are the difference between the two? As we all know, gas water heater is used to supply domestic hot water(DHW) for household, while gas combinationboilercan supply hot waternot onlyforspace heating but also DHW.  In China, these two are subject to different standards. For gas water ...

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